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Multiwire drawing line

Based on Niehoff's close cooperation with wire and cable manufacturers as development partners, the company has continuously refined and enhanced MMH technology. The latest and outstanding result of these efforts is the “MMH 112 + RM 202 + S 632” type multiwire drawing line designed for copper and aluminum wires.


View into the drawing area. © Niehoff


Niehoff multiwire drawing line “MMH 112 + RM 202 + S 632”. © Niehoff

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Maschinenfabrik Niehoff has already more than 70 years of expercience in constructing wire drawing machines. With its expertise, the company might even be called a pioneer in the field of multiwire drawing technology. Meanwhile, more than 1,600 multiwire drawing lines of Niehoff’s MMH series are in operation all over the world manufacturing wires made of copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

The “MMH 112 + RM 202 + S 632” type multiwire drawing line stands for a completely new generation of multiwire drawing lines. Being launched four years ago, this line now is already in use by several wire and cable manufacturers in all available versions.

Technical characteristics

Special design details, high-precision components, a smooth wire path and sophisticated control technology enable the system to run reliably at speeds of up to 40m/s. This means that production output increases while energy consumption decreases – based on the production volume. Moreover, line installation now is much more comfortable and faster. The drawing machine and the annealer stand on integrated vibration-damping machine feet while the spooler comes mounted on a base plate. This makes special foundation or grouting superfluous. The same applies to the alignment of the motors, since all motors used in the line are integrated in it.

Multiwire drawing machine type “MMH 112”

It´s particularly the design modifications that make the “MMH 112” multiwire drawing machine so innovative. They create real benefits for the user such as great ease of operation and maintenance, energy savings and quality increase.

The MMH 112 type machines are based on a modular system – like all MMH machines. They are available tailored to the individual requirements both with one or two levels, and in three different lengths for 21, 25 or 31 drafts. Niehoff MMH 112 drawing machines use a specific technology enabling a straight wire inlet, which results in finest wire quality and less wire breaks. Water-cooled motors integrated in the machine save installation and alignment efforts, and labyrinth seals facilitate a perfect sealing between drawing emulsion and gear oil. Functionally optimized components like final die holders and wire pointing device are also very easy to handle.

The MMH 112 can be fully integrated into the digital system provided by Niehoff, allowing to make full use of all advantages the Digital Assistant+ offers.

The annealer type “RM 202”

Saving energy now is also easier with the new type “RM 202” multiwire resistance annealer. Depending on the wire diameter, the annealer uses the field-proven 2/3-zone-system with or without wire reheating. The result is an optimum wire drying at economical energy consumption. A new transformer technology for the annealer reduces energy losses by up to 10% while the power factor (cos phi) is higher than 0.95. Thus, idle power is almost eliminated. Another new feature is the optimum wire movement controlled by a random generator. It causes wear on the contact tubes to spread more evenly resulting in a longer contact tube life. With the completely new changing system including a quick clamping mechanism, replacing worn contact tubes gets much easier. Simultaneously, better access simplifies the complete machine maintenance.

The spooler type “S 632”

The dynamic single spooler type “S 632” also has some new features: the complete electrical equipment including electronics is located in the machine housing; the spool shaft is connected with a directly coupled motor. Consequently, belts are no longer necessary, which makes maintenance easier. Niehoff delivers the machine mounted on a base plate, allowing to move it quickly if needed.

The result: Top-quality wire

Wires drawn on the MMH 112 line show highly homogeneous characteristics and narrowly tolerated properties –such as electrical conductivity, surface quality and mechanical values – along their entire length. With these properties, MMH 112 wires even surpass the most demanding specifications and processing requirements. This means the MMH 112 line supplies top-quality wires, manufactured in a cost and energy-efficient manner and capable of being processed downstream to strands or braids with outstanding properties.

Technical data MMH 112

max. production speed: 40m/s (7874fpm)

max. wire inlet diameter: 2.00mm (AWG 12)*

min. wire finished diameter with 21 drafts: 0.20mm (AWG 32)

possible wire drafts: 21 / 25 / 31

max. number of wires: 32

* Cu hard

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