27/03/2024 – Cable manufacturing

Masterbatch solutions

Delta Tecnic, a producer of masterbatch for the cable industry, announces its participation in the prestigious international trade fair “wire 2024”.


Delta Tecnic promotes the production of micro masterbatches to improve dilution process in PVC and cable industry. © Delta Tecnic


Delta Tecnic has three production plants, two of them located in Barcelona (Spain) and one of them (fig.) in Querétaro (Mexico). © Delta Tecnic

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Featured solutions to be presented by Delta Tecnic.

Masterbatch for TPU and TPU flame retardant cables
An advanced solution for thermoplastic polyurethane cables that guarantees to simplify and optimise the TPU cable colouring process by using a single masterbatch that can be used in the different Flame retardant formulations currently on the market, simplifying the number of references and helping to save costs.

Masterbatch for photovoltaic
Delta Tecnic, with more than forty years contributing to the evolution of the energy industry, produces masterbatches that have been approved to meet the most demanding standards in photovoltaic cables, ensuring good outdoor performance as well as cables in sporadic contact with water. Through careful selection of raw materials, the company is able to offer energy cable companies homogeneity of colour, maintenance of high transmission capacities and flame retardant properties.

Fibre optic masterbatch
With the increasing demand for smaller cables, the company has formulated a range of masterbatch that provides high opacity and colouring, ensuring that fibre optic cable tubes maintain their original visual identification even as the PBT tube wall becomes narrower and narrower. Thanks to this range of coloured masterbatches the tubes are sufficiently opaque so that the inner fibres do not modify the colour and it helps to distinguish the fibre paths avoiding problems during installations.

Masterbatch for fluoropolymers
Delta Tecnic will highlight the manufacturing of masterbatches through the dilution of fluoropolymer resin. Among the qualities of these coatings we can highlight their low surface energy, low friction coefficient, high inertness to any chemical agent, high resistance to abrasion and no alteration due to the action of light.

Delta Tecnic prides itself on its focus on sustainability. Its products are designed to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency in cable manufacturing, using optimised production processes that avoid the generation of non-conforming product. The company will unveil how it contributes to the sustainable future of the cable industry.

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About Delta Tecnic
Delta Tecnic was born in 1982 to commercialize raw materials in the plastic, cable, ink, paint, and cosmetic industries with the distribution of leading brands worldwide. With more than 40 years of experience and a total of 20,000 m2 in facilities, with three production plants, two of them located in Barcelona (Spain) and one of them in Querétaro (Mexico), Delta Tecnic has grown to position itself as a company leader among Trading companies in Spain, as well as one of the main producers of Masterbatch for the cable and PVC industries globally. Among the three divisions of Delta Tecnic, DeltaColor Masterbatch stands out, whose production capacity reaches 18,000 tons per year. In addition, the division has more than 11,000 developments and 22 production lines. On the other hand, the Delta Trading Pigments and Plastics divisions distribute in leading firms such as Eckart, Cabot, Baerlocher, Cinic, or Aralon. With 3% of global turnover dedicated to R+D, the company is focused on technological innovation and quality of service, providing deep knowledge of the market and formulations, always optimizing customer processes to become a technology partner focused on product development and innovation. At present, it already exports to more than 60 countries with an export volume of 80%, becoming one of the main players in the market.