Managing parts cleaning plants more cleverly

Digitisation and networking are changing production. Even parts cleaning is not unaffected. On the contrary, the cloud solution “Care Connect” makes it possible to optimise the availability, process reliability, production planning and overall effectiveness of the cleaning systems.


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In systems for parts cleaning, data on the permanent recording, monitoring and documentation of various system parameters such as pressures, temperature, current consumption and operating hours can now be used intelligently. The collection of this information itself is already state of the art. Ecoclean has the cloud solution “Care Connect” for this. Several cleaning systems can be integrated into it for comprehensive fleet management.

Here, data generated by the plant control system is transferred to the cloud via a secure connection. There they are stored, evaluated and linked according to the latest technology and infrastructure. They are visualised in the form of a dashboard on a desktop computer or tablet.

This results in added value for the plant operator. This allows both the data relating to the cleaning process to be called up at any time and the associated operating data of the plant, including the entire data history, which guarantees consistent documentation. This information can be used to derive a quick and simple diagnosis in the event of malfunctions without tedious problem searches.

Plant and processes at a glance

In addition, the cloud solution enables the calculation of so-called key performance indicators (KPI) or key performance indicators. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) refers to the availability of the system and the effectiveness with which it is operated. On this basis, it can be assessed whether the system can cover a foreseeable higher cleaning volume. This helps to optimise the use of production resources and processes. The cloud also provides information on distillate performance, which in turn enables conclusions to be drawn about the quality of media preparation. The consumption information can be used to determine whether, for example, power consumption is within the usual range.

Deviations indicate, for example, that a component has failed. In addition, in the event of a malfunction, fault messages can be sent directly from the system via the cloud, thereby reducing communication barriers. Unplanned downtimes of the system can be avoided by the maintenance forecast, since information is available at any time on how many batches can still be cleaned or how many hours the system can still be operated until the next maintenance is to be carried out. In addition, Care Connect enables complete batch- or component-specific documentation of plant and process conditions, as required in the aviation industry, medical technology and the automotive industry.

Safety and transparency

The data is transferred from the PLC to the cloud via an interface whose data and communication security is state-of-the-art and which can be easily integrated into existing IT systems. The user has full transparency as to which data is recorded for which purpose. A further security level was integrated by the fact that only read access to the system control takes place. External intervention is thus practically impossible.

In combination with the added value generated by the cloud solution, this helps to increase the process reliability and productivity of cleaning systems. The digitisation solution was initially implemented for the “Eco Core” solvent system and is continuously being expanded for other system types.

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