21/02/2021 – Company portrait

Investing in upgrading the whole production

Sirme si Cabluri SA is a renowned European cable manufacturer for wire and cable, as well as for low carbon steel products. The company’s machine factory covers an area of 50,000m², out of a total area of 110,000m².


The company factory covers an area of 50,000m2, out of a total area of 110,000m2. © sirme


Sirme si Cabluri produces a variety of galvanized wire and non-galvanized, steel wire ropes, ACSR, spring cables and low carbon steel content products. © Sirme si Cabluri

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The laboratory provides the verification of each product, from the beginning until the end of the manufacturing process, all according to customers’ requirements. “We are a company dedicated in creating value for our customers. One of our main strengths is that we put our customers first. We are determined to show that we can offer them the best quality, best price and best time delivery compared to other competitors,” says Doron Zilberberg. From 2017 until now, the company has an impressive evolution, especially having considering the problems caused by the acute shortage of the workforce, a phenomenon that affects all sectors of the economic activity. “I can honestly say that the evolution of the company I represent was unexpected well, if we consider the critical period through which the profile market passes, due the situation of the acute lack of labor force,” continues Doron Zilberberg.

 One of the main players in the market, Sirme si Cabluri is the biggest producer in this field of from Romania and not only, a special distinction which it was granted in 2013. Beginning as a reduced size company, Sirme si Cabluri managed to succeed, impose as one of the main players in the market, thanks to a special devotion towards the client, but also the unmoved desire to create value for them. In addition, another company’s competitive advantage was represented by using the latest technology available to create quality products superior, according to customer requirements. “Today we have the technology that allows us the production of a variety of galvanized wire and non-galvanized, steel wire ropes, ACSR, spring cables and low carbon steel content products.” It is known in the market that both quality of their products, as well as flexibility are always adapted to the requirements of their clients.

 “We have our own lab and our products are carefully controlled and tracked along the entire production steps, from the drawing of the wire and upon delivery,” details the Commercial Director Alexandru Iuliana Alina.

 The company is guided by the principle according to which the services they provide for customers it has to be offered at most high standards, throughout the contractual relationship, at any time of day and night. “We believe that our business must to prove that we can be with customer constantly, throughout the duration of their relationship with our company, no matter the time or situation. We are always ready to answer the questions and the demands of our customers,” he mentions.

Latest generation of machinery in the productions
From this year, Sirme si Cabluri has implemented a new wire drawing line that benefits of last generation machinery. These changes were aimed at reducing costs, but and achieving a higher degree of performance in terms of product quality. “We invested in the products we manufacture before, managing to diversify the range of cables and to increase the degree of complexity of products,” adds Mr. Doron Zilberberg the CEO of the company .

 Its main purpose was to reduce costs production and improving the quality of work.

 "Our company was also present noted at the Dusseldorf fair in 2018, and we will be there also at “wire”, this fair being a special occasion every year to establish new and new partnerships, opportunities for collaboration but also to present to the specialists participants in the event the products and Romanian services, proving once again the fact that Romania is an important player in the field.”

The collective and the resources
Currently, the company has 280 employees, of which 24 are Vietnamese nationality, but the process continues in recruiting and training staff, to stabilize the workforce from within company. To reward the community from which is part of the company Sirme si Cabluri is involved in social projects, realizing either donations to hospitals, schools and kindergartens, but also helping their people in difficult situations.

 “I think the advantages that differentiate us from other companies are the collective and the resources. In the last three years, four big factories in our field of activity have closed and I think one of the main reasons why they failed not only to remain, but also to develop, was because of the people who worked in the factory. Our people understood that the success of the factory represents a profit of us all.”

The high quality standard offered by the company’s products are certified by Lloyds Register through ISO 9001 and also through Euro Cert. The highest certification that a company can get is, in the opinion of the representatives of Wire and Cables SA, the positive feedback from the client. “Finally, quality and flexibility are the most important values for us, Sirme si Cabluri pays a special attention in protecting the environment and compliance with the legislation in the field,” he explains.

Sirme si Cabluri S.A.
48 Revolutiei str., 905400 Hirsova/Romania
Contact person is Alexandru Iuliana Alina
Tel.: +40 241 870-596