Induction annealed tubes for the most demanding tasks

In order to cover the increasing demand for longitudinally welded, induction annealed stainless steel tubes in the long term, German Schoeller Werk has augmented an existing laser welding line with the newly developed function module “Induction Annealing” to an existing laser welding line.


© Schoeller Werk


© Schoeller Werk


Schoeller Werk is expanding its inline induction annealing capacities for laser welding. In this way, the specialist for longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes aims to satisfy the continually rising demand for induction annealed stainless steel tubes for supply lines in the industrial and automotive sector. Altogether, the firm possesses 105 welding machines. These now include 11 instead of 10 laser lines and 36 TIG lines for the “inline” induction annealing of tubes after welding. This expansion was made possible by the modular system developed by Schoeller for the construction of its welding lines. In this way, the systems can be extended in future to include further processing steps. The new 330kW induction annealing unit reaches operating temperatures of up to 1,200°C. The induction annealed tubes are used in various branches of industry, in the automotive sector and in the manufacture of industrial supply systems, among others.

Inline induction annealed stainless steel tubes are premium products in great demand in high performance sectors like the automobile industry. As a result of the heating process in inductive annealing, the material characteristics of the tube are effectively optimised. Here, after the welding, Schoeller Werk ensures homogeneity throughout the material. The firm from Hellenthal/Germany sets the highest standards in production and material procurement to achieve consistently high process quality. As recognition for this achievement, the specialist for longitudinally welded stainless steel tubes was recently awarded the prestigious CQI-9 Certificate, a heat treatment guideline, by the North American Automotive Industry Action Group AIAG.

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