26/03/2024 – Quality and process control

In-line control for busbar and flat conductor

Producing insulated flat copper and aluminum wires, cables or bars is highly complex and requires a sophisticated knowledge within the extrusion business.


The uniform alignment of the wall thickness in the centre of the circumference of a profile is decisive for the performance of a conductor. © Zumbach


“Umac” measurement of the wall thickness at the circumference of the flat bars fixtures with 4, 6 or more measuring points available. Continuous monitoring and trend analysis with proven ultrasonic measuring principle. © Zumbach


Corresponding measuring tools for monitoring the process and getting the quality under control are the basis for performing on the highest level of production capability. With many years of experience in the field of various measuring technologies, Zumbach offers tailor-made solutions for the continuous measurement and monitoring of non-round products, covering dimensional, geometric and wall thickness measurement, insulation fault testing, length and speed monitoring as well as process control.

Wall thickness measurement
Critical to the performance of a conductor is the uniform alignment of the wall thickness centrally around the circumference of a profile. On non-round products the additional challenge for maintaining control is that first it is necessary to accurately measure the wall thickness around the circumference.

 By using proven “Umac” ultrasonic measuring technology and by offering customised transducer holders to meet customers need, Zumbach are able to offer holders specifically tailored to insulated flat products. Providing 4, 6 or even more measuring point solutions (to achieve maximum measurement coverage) precise information about the positioning of the conductor bar within the insulation itself is provided in real-time.

Other important parameters
Outside dimensions, profile geometry, insulation defects and length are also important process and quality parameters. Zumbach offers a range of quality monitoring solutions for extrusion measurement and process control including:
“Odac XY” with oscillating device DVW/DVO for measuring the outer dimension
“Profilmaster PMM” series non-contact measurement of outer dimension and geometry
“Sparktester” high voltage insulation fault detector
“LSV” speed and length sensors
“Usys” processor, acquisition and display system

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