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Since 1993, Sikora has been certified according to ISO 9001 and thereby, proves that the quality of the measuring, control, inspection, sorting and analysis technology is ensured by a quality management system that comprises defined performance indicators in order to monitor and control processes.


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The availability, for instance, is the time value in which the machines and technical measuring devices can be in use without downtime or maintenance. Generally, the intention is to ensure high availability values of a system. For calculation of the availability, two factors are being considered, says Arne Heel, Quality Manager at Sikora AG.

First, the “Mean Time Between Failures” (MTBF) describes the time in which a device can be in use without the need of a repair or downtime for maintenance. With the help of MTBF, the quality progress can be evaluated and it can be monitored how long devices operate without failure. MTBF is calculated by using the information from Sikora “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM): This is where all devices are registered and their events are recorded. CRM also serves as data source for the creation of event diagrams for the different types of devices. The event diagram is a graphical illustration for quick and clear visualisation of events and their chronical order.

The second factor is the “Mean Time To Repair” (MTTR). It is calculated from the time that is needed to put the device and the system back into operation in the event of failure. Thanks to the quality management and the technical innovations, which render maintenance of Sikora devices almost unnecessary, very high availability values of up to 99.98% are reached.

For a continuous quality improvement, internal and external employee training is carried out at Sikora. Cooperations with machine manufacturers as well as customers are established in order to respond to global benchmarks in the trade and to further optimize processes. “A sustainable quality management requires clear, transparent processes and a good communication”, explains Heel. “Feedback from employees and customers in particular are crucial for a successful quality management system”, the Quality Manager explains further: “With the improvement of our operation processes according to the requirements of our QMS, we do not only meet legal standards but also achieve a high process reliability and, simultaneously, the highest customer satisfaction.”

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