Historic steel company seeks new strategies

Suzuki Garphyttan is the industrial company that focuses the energy on its leaders and employees. With an open dialogue and participation, the international industrial group is now making major changes to be even more successful in the future.


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© Suzuki Garphyttan

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“The best way we develop profitability in a company is to invest in the people and focus on internal communication,”, says Ad Raatgeep, CEO of Suzuki Garphyttan since June 2018. The traditional company, owned by Nippon Steel Corporation, is now making a major change effort to be an even more successful company going forward. “We live in a continuously changing world where our strategies need to be adapted constantly. Flexibility and a strong structure with clearly anchored messages are crucial,” Ad continues.

The historic steel industry has been active since the 16th century with material knowledge in steel, spring wire and automotive industry since 1906. Now the company is implementing new ways and strategies through clear and transparent dialogue and interactions internally. A better and more communicative and open workplace will increase participation and will generate creativity, knowledge and commitment for the company and for the customers. The vision of the future is clear.

 “The leadership issue is central, and the machinery must be well oiled. I usually compare a business with a bicycle chain – all parts are important and must work and participate for the ‘bicycle’ to be able to move forward,” says Ad. Suzuki Garphyttan’s recently created new values. Care, Dare and Share is about leadership, protecting and caring for the employees and the customers, challenging and sharing thoughts, competence and ideas. To provide the best possible conditions for everyone inside the company will help to create better business relations, stronger products and company brand.

 “We are now established in England, Mexico, USA, Germany, China and Sweden. The ambition is to invest in existing capacity and values, and we aim to be the world’s best company in our segments in five to seven years,” Ad says. “We have a challenge here, but it is important to also have fun along the way. We want to develop our flows and we are also putting a lot of effort in developing new business outside the automotive industry and are getting ready to within five to ten years, have the right forces around us, new products and to have our business at the right places globally.”

Suzuki Garphyttan wants to make a difference where they operate and really make a difference for future generations. Take the opportunity to visit the company and talk about the future, business, innovations, and the wire.

Suzuki Garphyttan AB
wire 2020, hall 12 booth D 70
Bruksvägen 3, 719 80 Garphyttan/Sweden
Tel.: +46 19 295100

Suzuki Garphyttan GmbH
wire 2020, hall 12 booth D 70
P.O.Box 102541, 40016 Düsseldorf/Germany
Contact person is Kerstin Neuwald
Tel.: +49 211 92304-0

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