High-speed grating

Clifford’s grating welders have the ability to weld a variety of crosswire diameters and line bar thicknesses. Welding capabilities range from light grating to heavy serrated bridge grating, with a proven track record of reliability, quality and now at speeds of 60 crosswires per minute.


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Clifford is the leading supplier of grating welders worldwide and has a proven track record in consistently achieving both the BSI and NAAMM standards over the past 13 years. Meeting and exceeding these international standards is inherent in its design and manufacturing philosophy and has given Clifford a reputation of providing fast, efficient and quality grating welders. One or two operators are required, depending on the machine configurations.

Product flexibility

 A wide range of grating products can be welded using customised tooling, the grating welder can weld both light and heavy bars (serrated or smooth) with twisted-square, profiled or round linewires, making it possible to make a variety of grating like bridge grating, double grating and more, using carbon and stainless steel.

Speed and accuracy

 The servo-controlled lifters place two crosswires simultaneously at the welding point which dramatically increases the accuracy and speed to 60 crosswires per minute, yet still gives complete control over the process via the front-end system.

You’re in control

 The entire machine is controlled from an industrial touch screen PC and control panel, from there you can create different grating recipes, control the resistance weld settings and speed. All your grating product recipes will come pre-loaded and optimised for performance. Your commissioning technician will train you on the user-friendly front-end software, so you can do it yourself.

How it all works

 Linebars are loaded into the linebar feeder from either pre-cut stillage or directly off coil. Similarly, crosswires are loaded into the magazine from either pre-cut wire or directly off coil.

 Once the linebars are loaded in place by the linebar feeder, the lifters place two linewires into the welding point. Once in position, the resistance weld sequence starts and the welding bar lowers to weld the crosswires into the linebars. The linebars are then moved forward to the required pitch and the cycle is repeated.

 The welded grating panel is moved out of the welding portal by grippers and into the linear pullout, where dual guillotines flush cut the crosswires to make a smooth edge on the grating. During this sequence, more linebars are being loaded into the linebar feeder, ready for the next panel. This ensures continuous production and efficiency.

 The grating then passes through a flattening station (if required) where flattening rollers ensure a perfectly flat grating panel. From there the grating is moved via a conveyor system onto a set of scissor lifts which stack and then discharge the completed panel stack.

Spares and support

 All our machines come with a one-year guarantee and we have a global spares and support distribution network. Specialist technicians are always on standby via telephone and internet remote support. Onsite support is also available if you just can’t solve the problem. All this ensures downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Serrate your grating

 Clifford also boasts a range of serrating machinery to serrate the edges of the grating. Two linebars are fed into the machine, which automatically indexes them into the serration portal where they are serrated. Two linebars can be serrated at the same time, with serration speeds up to 75 strokes per minute with die length of 12”/ 30.5cm. The system automatically moves the serrated bars to two bundle stations enabling the operator to bundle the bars on one side of the machine, while the machine fills the stacking cradle on the opposite side, ensuring continuous production. Serration profiles are custom designed and adaptable to a wide range of bar depths and thicknesses. The serrating tool has been designed with ease of maintenance, individual components can be removed for sharpening when required.

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