18/03/2022 – Latest version of the Maillefer documentation software

Find it in “MED 3.0”

The latest version of the Maillefer documentation software is being launched, “MED 3.0”. The web-enabled documentation utility makes finding assemblies and related instructions easy for users of Maillefer equipment. An internet connection and a key are all that is needed.


Tree structure pointing to a technical document. © Maillefer


Basket containing selected parts ready for quote. © Maillefer


With each and every customer project comes a specific set of technical descriptions and illustrations. The weighty paper binders have long been replaced with a more sustainable collection compiled into the versatile Maillefer E-documentation. Ease in navigation, searching, and connecting to related information are possible within “MED”.

Interact with content
 The application is web-enabled, screen responsive and multi-platform, which is fit for hand-held devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. Focused on having a complete, accurate and user-friendly documentation available in a most convenient fashion, users get to interact with the documentation in an "intelligent" manner. MED documents are text searchable and contain cross references, bookmarks, and other navigational aids.

Two modes – one package
MED serves various user interests, such as installation and maintenance servicing, equipment operation, training staff, as well as for on-call visits. Customers receive an introduction to MED when participating in the education programs in order to use the tool to its fullest.

 The package operates in two modes. A Documentation mode that covers all the technical descriptions and drawings related to the project, and a spare parts mode that offers access to individual parts for easy identification. Users can move between modes using the specific information at hand (e.g. a part found in a drawing shown can be directly added to the spare parts request.)

An easy reach to needed components
A customer installation is represented hierarchically in MED. Its tree structure provides a synopsis of supply with branches leading to individual components in the line. Each machine typically has four categories of documents associated with it: general information (instruction manuals), mechanical drawings, electrical schematics, and original documentation for various integrated parts and components coming from OEMs (e.g. motors, gear boxes, drives, etc.)

Requests for the right parts
The Spare Parts mode lets the client see all the spare parts identified by Maillefer for each machine. There is a distinction between recommended parts, safety parts and wear parts.

 The search tool is used to display the specified part on the corresponding engineering drawing. A parts table associated with the drawing allows the collection of items into a basket, from where one can directly e-mail Maillefer Services to request a quotation.

 When customers opt for MED to facilitate transmission of a parts request, Maillefer Services treats the request as a priority, meaning that the ordering process is shortened. Furthermore, the request process inherently assures that you order exactly the parts that you need. An invitation towards efficiency turning to MeD means experiencing the efficiency gains of quickly accessing the technical know-how and specifying the right parts for a Maillefer installation. With version 3.0 and its web-enabled access, it becomes easier than ever.

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