28/03/2024 – Surface treatment

Complex wire cleaning, treatments and finishes made easy

Achieving a finished clean wire is a complex process. Compared to a smooth „ideal“ surface, the surface of deformed material is often full of cracks, overlaps and other surface defects filled with a mixture of residual drawing lubricating material and metal particles.


High pressure wire and profile cleaning system. © Geo-Reinigungstechnik


Band saw cleaning system. © Geo-Reinigungstechnik

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Cleaning usually seeks to reduce or remove this contamination. The individual cleaning methods have their respective strengths to achieve the desired result.

 With mechanical cleaning, contamination is removed from the visible surface by mechanical friction with brushes, textiles and microfibres. Although brushes or textiles can be very effective, such methods quickly reach their limits. Aqueous cleaning can substantially meet the challenging task of removing contamination even out of the smallest surface defects. Depending on the requirements, high-pressure nozzles, steam nozzles or ultrasonic modules are used individually or in combination in these systems.

 Geo-Cleaning Technology has been focused on the cleaning of wires, tapes, strands and cables for more than two decades. Today, Geo offers a wide range of mechanical and aqueous wire cleaning systems for a variety of single and multi-wire applications. Since the cleaning result is determined by a variety of factors, the recommendation for a suitable cleaning process is preceded by a comprehensive analysis of all relevant parameters. Processes are tested in near production conditions at Geo 's test laboratory, meaning the company can build solutions for nearly all kinds of client requests. For the final assessment of the surface quality achieved, Geo offers easy-to-use test devices for daily use in laboratory and production.

 Systems for coating welding wires for perfect welding properties and a wide assortment of accessories like powerful and economical air wipes, spiral brushes and lubricants supplement the product range.

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