Complete extrusion lines for customers worldwide

During the last two years, the Kurre group designed, built and installed 12 complete extrusion lines for customers worldwide. One of the largest and most complex lines in the company’s history was delivered at the end of the year 2019.


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The challenge was, despite the large product dimensions and the corresponding large equipment size, to achieve the maximum line flexibility for the customer. The prefabricated stranding compound with a diameter of up to 30mm is payed off via a Kurre double unwinder for 1,600mm bobbins with a weight of 4t. Depending on requirements, the stranding compound can be fed through a 200m horizontal accumulator with dancer function or directly to the extruder via a separate dancer (each with deflection wheels of 800mm diameter). The extruder is preceded by a 1,000mm straightening section. The 105 Siebe-main extruder and 65 Siebe-co-extruder are sharing a common head.

Highly flexible cables with diameters of up to 40mm are manufactured. In order to avoid wetting the front side with water and to produce good goods as early as possible, a fast-flow system is integrated in the cooling system, which comprises the entire straight cooling section including telescope. The operator starts the system via a button directly on the trough. The process takes barely 10 s, then the cable is completely surrounded by water, including the necessary water column calculated for the cooling process around it. The cooling process, including pre-drying, is separated for a printing process and is then continued by a deflection cooling channel.

Depending on requirements, the deflection cooling trough can be used with only one or several passes. The resulting offset at the exit of the deflection cooling trough is automatically compensated during the subsequent guidance into the take-up accumulator. This prevents any diagonal bending of the fresh cable during the production process.

The entire cooling process can be carried out with either hot or cold water. Cooling is carried out by diving or spraying. The combinations are freely selectable. This results in the greatest possible flexibility, especially for future cable designs.

 A ;1,800mm segment caterpillar, equipped for multiple use of the belts and for compensation of the different outlet positions on the deflection cooling trough with lateral transverse adjustment, ensures the necessary feed.

 It is followed by the 200m take-up accumulator in horizontal design and a measuring device section with various measuring devices specified by the customer and an integrated calibratable Kurre length measurement system.

 The winding system consists of two 1,600mm take-ups, including one 600mm caterpillar with a hydraulic cutting unit. The caterpillar supports the operator when installing the cable, while the accumulator is in operation.

 A comprehensive control system, including recipes, enables a wide range of control options for all installed components.

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