07/03/2023 – Wire processing

Cold heading system for long fasteners

A long-bolt line from Videx manufactures long bolts directly from the wire coil in a fully automatic, unmanned process, which saves 100% of the material handling costs.


The “VAS-TRH” line pulls wire from a coil or an in-line drawer, cuts it to the right length, shapes the head and threads the bolt. © Videx


“VAS 20 TRH” long bolt line, view from the back side. © Videx


Operation principle

The straighten and cut machine pulls wire from a coil. It straightens it and cuts to length. The cut parts are accumulating in a magazine, from where they are fed into the heading machine, which is forming the heads in 2 blows. The headed parts are transferred by another magazine to the thread roller, where the bolts are threaded and ejected from the machine as finished parts.

Counting and packaging are optional.

The “VAS-TRH” line will pull wire from coil (or in-line drawer), cut to length, form the head, and thread the bolt. The lines are modular and flexibly designed, and may incorporate any combination of the following machines:

1. Straighten and cut machine that pulls wire from coil, straightens it, cuts to length and feeds the cut bars to the next machine.

2. 2-die, 2-blow cold-former that heads the bars, forms a head and transfers the headed parts to the next machine.

3. Thread roller that threads the bolt end, while supporting the long bolt along the threading process.

4. Optional collecting or packing system, which accepts the finished parts, counts them, and separates a certain number of bolts into a box.

Advantages of fully automatic lines

1. Handling is limited to supplying the coil and ejection of the finished parts.

2. No in-between stock and no possibility for mistakes.

3. Less than ½ the floor space needed for identical production.

4. Energy saving – the line consumes only the minimal needed energy.

5. Full control of the line and the production rate from the office.

6. Operator-safe operation.

7. Process control by sets of sensors assures less down time.

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