11/12/2020 – Cable manufacture / Extrusion

Clearly arranged, compact and space-saving

MTT mainly develops innovative extruders for the wire and cable production with tech and standard polymers among others in the field of automotive, communication, optical fiber and special cables.


MTT 25mm extruder for glas fiber. © MTT Extrusion Expertise


MTT extruder 45mm. © MTT Extrusion Expertise


MTT is manufacturing state of the art extruders, screws and barrels as well as cleaning machines and microfinishing equipments for extruder parts and extrusion tooling since decades. Recently latest technologies were implemented to realise MTT extruders especially for micro extrusion with a rotation speed of 0,1rpm and an absolute constant output. Tailored solutions according to the customers needs are the main concern of MTT. Beside manufacturing of extruders the core business of MTT is the measurement, design recommendation and supply of screws worldwide based on experience and computerised process simulation programmes.

Retrofits of old extrusion lines with an overall concept for the control, the electronics as well as the mechanics of the line is a main competence of the MTT Team. A comprehensive concept for engineering with process analysis of the existing line through the MTT expert team, state analysis of the line and the customers’ requirements, complete and overall mechanical, electrical and control concept preparation, engineering and modification of existing, control or new line state of the art control with touch screen panel with integration of existing and new equipment’s, realisation and installation of the retrofit as well as training of the operators.

The concept
The concepts include electrical process control as well as monitoring and storing of process data.

Furthermore mechanical up grades such as the integration of new MTT stand alone extruders with the existing line control as well as up dated rive electronics and the implementation of new cross head designs, bypass technologies and high tech fast colour changing systems.

Upgrades of the extrusion line control including new state of art MTT extruders, peripherals, as well as capstan and take up as well as visualisation of all process data and upgrade or new drives.

Another field in which MTT is very active is the development and production of efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning machines for screws, barrels, crossheads, wire guides, dies, breaker plates, injection molds. During the special process there is no dimension increase or danger of surface damages of the part during cleaning.

Moreover with MTT High Tech Microfinish Equipments it is possible to make a special surface finish in order to increase the productivity in the usage of extruder parts and extrusion toolings.

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