Cage welding machine for the production of precast concrete driven piles

The “RSM-045” cage welding machine from MBK for the production of precast concrete driven piles for foundations and deep foundations stands for very high reliability and simple handling and is designed with its stable construction to cope with the rigors of daily production in precast plants. The new series of RSM cage welding machines was specially designed for the manufacture of reinforcement products for precast concrete pile systems for foundations with square dimensions.





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The “RSM-045” from MBK stands for very high manufacturing flexibility and is very simple to change over by means of a simple quick adjustment. The cage lengths of the RSM-045 lie within the range of 2,500mm to 12,000mm and the standard longitudinal wire diameter is 10mm to 20mm, although 25mm is optionally possible. The winding wire diameter ranges from 5mm to 8mm. The exterior flank length of the cages ranges from 132mm to 355mm. The production of piles with dimensions ranging from 175mm x 175mm to 400mm x 400mm is thus possible. A high variability of the winding wire pitch (from 20 to 200 mm) which can be adapted for the specific customer is a characteristic of the RSM-045.

The production performance of the RSM-045 is impressive – up to 750m are possible per shift, depending on the cage properties. The simple handling and programming take place using a clearly arranged touch panel. The reinforcement cage and welding data can be saved very simply via the cage program, which makes things noticeably easier in day-to-day production.

The equipment of the RSM-045 is designed for the high requirement profile in driven pile production. Automatic longitudinal wire clamping and support, cage supports, single winding wire guidance up to the welded joint and the proven mbk welding technology guarantee stable production processes.

The voltage is up to 400V with a mains frequency of 50Hz, although this can be adapted to suit the specific country. The standard ambient temperature extends to +40 °C, but here too there is an option for a regionally related increase to +55°C. The mbk service team can provide customer support at all times simply via a LAN connection, thus ensuring operational reliability.

In the new RSM-045, the development and technical team from mbk have designed a cage welding machine whose specifications have been tailored and adapted to suit the requirement profile of an innovative market. A simple and efficient welding machine for the production of precast concrete driven piles is thus available in the RSM-045. As an option, MBK offers a specific adaptation for the production of different types of pile. MBK has a suitable and reliable solution for virtually all concrete pile systems and deep foundations.

The types “VSM-V” and “VSM-S” from MBK are used for the production of precast concrete driven piles as well. The VSM high-speed series is particularly distinguished by the automation of all processes as well as the straightening of the longitudinal wires off the coil by the DRA-M straightening and cutting system. The automatic stratification of the longitudinal wires in the welding unit and the automatic welding, removal and stacking of the finished cages via a Pacman are also among the outstanding properties that have a noticeably positive effect on the production process – a significantly higher production throughput is achieved by the almost fully automatic handling of the manufacturing process.

Since its founding in 1961, MBK has amassed an enormous wealth of experience and technical know-how that it can fall back on: over 1,100 welding machines have been produced since then. MBK has long had a reputation in the industry as a competent, sought-after partner, whose reinforcement solutions are in demand all over the world. Machine technology developed and produced by MBK not only meets the customers' individual and very high requirements for stability, long service lives and production accuracy – aspects such as sustainability and efficiency are also rooted in the corporate philosophy and belong to the basic values that apply to all mbk products.

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