09/04/2024 – Joining / Welding

A quantum leap in welding machine technology

Eurobend is presenting during “wire” in Düsseldorf a machine from the new AKK R series, which produces mats 2.5m x 6m with up to 49 line wires and wire spacing 50mmx50mm from coil.


General view of an “AKK” machine. © Eurobend


Installation layout: Comparison of “AKK” with a conventional system. © Eurobend

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“The ‘AKK’ series sets new standards in the production of reinforcement and industrial mesh such as fence mesh, precision mesh, gabions, double bar mesh and others”, says Harris Athanassopoulos. The innovative concept eliminates all changeover times and increases the productivity significantly compared to conventional welding machines.

The “AKK” has no downtimes when changing coils and setting the mesh parameters. On machines with one coil per line wire, each coil change costs time. This downtime adds up considerably. The “AKK” is designed to avoid exactly this. While one coil per line and cross wire is working, the other coil is in stand-by position and can continue working as soon as the first coil is finished. This system of redundant line and cross wire unwinding stations with single coil wire feed makes the inflexible long coil rows of conventional welding machines superfluous.

Producing without changeovers
The ingenious design of the “AKK” machines enables automatic changes of the mesh parameters making it the only flexible mesh welding system from coil for high production rates. All mesh types can be produced immediately and without changeovers. No changeover times for coil change, change of longitudinal and cross wire spacing or change of mesh dimensions. In addition, the patented wire feeding system enables a diameter change in a fraction of the time required for this task with conventional mesh welding machines. This makes the machine ideal for "JIT" (just-in-time) production and efficient product changeovers.

Automatic Wire Orientation System
The world wide patented "Automatic Wire Orientation System" (AWOS) enables the use of a high-speed roller straightening unit for the longitudinal wires, compensating any wire straightening inaccuracies and guaranteeing the production of flat meshes. The flexibility of the “AKK” welding systems eliminates the need to stockpile large quantities of finished mesh as is the case when producing with the usual systems. The “AKK” machines have a compact system layout with minimal space requirements and are available for processing line and cross wires from coils of up to 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

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