11/04/2023 – Handling / Reels

World wide suppliers of steel and plastic reels

New Zealand company Inosym Ltd. will showcase a wide range of quality steel and plastic reels.


The new technology includes robotic welding and automated painting. © Inosym


Inosym will have on display a range of steel and plastic reels. © Inosym


Their team welcomes the opportunity to talk to customers about some of the new technology they have introduced into their manufacturing plant and how this can benefit the wire and cable manufacturer.

This includes robotic welding and automated painting. Philip Young Managing Director of Inosym says, “our freight team has developed relationships with freight forwarders to ensure minimal lead times and our sales team help customers to ensure the correct reel or drum is specified and quoted. So if a customer has a requirement for steel or plastic reels, please visit our booth. One of our representatives from throughout the Americas will be on hand and assist with any inquiry.”

Interwire 2023, booth 1449

Inosym Ltd
Tel.: +64 21 353 634