14/10/2020 – wire 2020 update

Wire surface treatment lines

The Italian company Sirio Wire srl, specializes in the production of wire surface treatment lines, will not participate to „wire“ Dusseldorf.


© Sirio Wire


Its production range includes HCl fumeless pickling, H2SO4 electrolytic pickling, ultrasonic and electrolytic cleaning, electro-plating lines, bronzing lines for beadwire, brass plating for steelcord, phosphating, coating and drying. At the Dusseldorf “wire” show, Sirio Wire will display pictures and films of its recent lines and in particular the latest developments and applications for ultrasonic cleaning of wires and electro-galvanizing lines. Also the newest solution for batch pickling –phosphating line of rod wire as well as the very interesting and environmental friendly technology of polymer coating will be shown to the visitors.

Sirio Wire s.r.l.
wire 2020, no participation in this year
Tel.: +39 0362 573197

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