30/03/2024 – Lubricants

Wire drawing and lubricant solutions

Aztech Lubricants is a global provider of wire drawing and lubricant solutions.


Aztech are showcasing the “EZ Draw”, “EZ Clean”, “EZ Coat”, and “EZ Feed” products. © Aztech


At their booth Aztech Lubricants are showcasing the “EZ Draw”, “EZ Clean”, “EZ Coat”, and “EZ Feed” products and their new cross-fusion drawing lubes. Visitors can also see their new environmentally friendly packaging, which saves money, and try out their new “EZ Pliers” wire-cutting pliers. Aztech provides a full line of calcium, sodium, and potassium stearate-based drawing powders, RP oil, drawing oils, vanishing oils, and precoats, as well as a complete line of “AZ Wipe” spiral brushes. The company has manufacturing and distribution capabilities in the US, Colombia, India, and Korea.

wire 2024, hall 9 booth E 10-4

Aztech Lubricants LLC
29047, State Highway 59
73095 Wayne, OK/USA
Contact person is Jonathan Anderson
Tel.: +1 405 310-0034