Trafilerie San Paolo: Peeled steel in coils up to 42mm

There is an urgent need for reliable and flawless products in the cold forming industry, but this doesn’t always go hand in hand with the usual quality steel products can guarantee, especially concerning surface defects.


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This is why Trafilerie San Paolo chose to apply the already-known peeling technology to wire coils, with the specific purpose of pushing steel products’ technical limits in order to meet the high standards required by precision mechanics. The usual coil-to-coil drawing system does not remove surface defects. It reduces them flush with the surface, but it doesn’t remove under-surface inclusions nor reduce decarburisation. The coil-to-coil peeling system applied by Trafilerie San Paolo instead allows the surface to be peeled off, acting similarly to a chip removal lathe. This surface peeling, which is usually about 1mm in relation to the net removal diameter, removes any cracks, folds, porosity, decarburisation, and under-surface inclusions. Statistically speaking, the removal of all these flaws on highly defective finished products grants after the final selection near to no waste. This technology has been largely employed in aeronautical applications, as well as automotive safety components.

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