Tool calculates scenarios for wire harness production

The “4 Wire CAO” payback calculator from DIIT makes it easier for suppliers of wire harnesses to run through scenarios aimed at the optimisation of their production. This web tool can quickly determine the point at which it is worthwhile investing in MES software for cutting machines.




Many suppliers of wire harnesses can generally only roughly estimate how the use of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) impacts the key figures in their production process. The new payback calculator now enables them to calculate a range of different scenarios and display them on a dashboard. The “4 Wire CAO” payback calculator captures the important data, such as the number of machines used, employees per machine, (wage) costs per employee and machine as well as any potential investment costs in relation to hardware equipment and the 4 Wire CAO software solution. Target parameters considered are machine capacity utilization, quality rates and lead time in days. Users of the calculator can “play” with these parameters as the dashboard immediately displays graphically how any change in the parameters impacts output and earnings.

With payback calculator DIIT, supplier of software in the area of MES for the production of wire harnesses, has provided suppliers with an optimum decision-making tool for use prior to making any software investments. The tool is fully web-based and does not have to be installed. Initially available for cutting machines, DIIT will gradually expand payback calculator for use with other machine types. “As a general rule, smaller and medium-sized suppliers of wire harnesses are always unsure whether an investment in a comprehensive control system is really worthwhile for them” explains Bernd Jost, Managing Director at DIIT. “With our new payback calculator they can now determine this for themselves using their own data and by ensuring that their decisions are based on reliable data and not on assumptions.”


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