Tape Formers will be exhibiting at “wire”

Tape Formers LTD will be exhibiting at “wire”. Chris, their new Tape Former apprentice, will be joining Ashley, Adam and Robert.


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They will be launching their new catalogue – Issue 7 plus showcasing three new products:
- USA Building Wire Tape Former
- Micro Tape Former Profile .S.
- Braiding Machine Tape Former Profile .G.

Tape Formers LTD is based in the Midlands, United Kingdom, on receipt of customer order their skilled and experienced team will manufacture the order to your specific requirements. The company do not hold any stock of Tape Formers as all tooling is made bespoke by hand.

Tape Formers LTD
wire 2020, hall 11 booth C 22
Tel.: +44 1509 768-186

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