Surface preparation and coating systems for ferrous and non-ferrous wire

Staku Anlagenbau GmbH, specializing in electrolytical surface treatment processes with almost 50 years of experience, is offering its portfolio of cleaning and coating system.


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The systems being used for copper plating of welding wire, phosphating system for inline coating and drawing lines and high speed cleaning lines for removing lubricants and other surface contaminents after drawing. Staku, located in central Germany with representation world-wide, offers individual solutions as well as complete turn key projects including installation and commissioning, for companies around the globe. Under the brand name “e-systems”, Staku has summarized its individual processes and holds several Europeen and international patents for protecting their expertise.

They have introduced their wire cleaninig unit “Rotor Jet”, which is now the new bench mark for low-cost surface preparation at high speeds. Especially in the welding wire industry, the Roto Jet system at 2100Psi and 85°C does not leave any amount of lubrication on the wire surface even at process speeds up to 30m/sec. Following this cleaner by an electrolytic surface activation unit using a weak sulfuric acid, a unique quality of copper coated welding wire can be guaranteed.

With the well known “e-phos” technology, Staku is offering a high speed phosphating process for wire speeds up to 2m/sec. This application can be installed in front of a multi-pass-drawing machine for steel/PC wire or before a single pass bull block being part of a production line for CHQ wire. With this green technology, Staku is the worlds leader for inline phosphating system for single- and multi-wire applications with a large number of installations.

With the new “e-molyphos” coating Staku is offering a revolutionary new lubrication which was developed for wire drawing and cold forming of alloys, stainless steel and titanium materials. E-molyphos is a lubrication system that matches all named requirements by electrolytic coating in one single bath. In this process, a highly performed solid lubricant is deposited within a matrix of components which also contributes to its superior lubrication properties.

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