Supplier of reel and drum products

Founded 35 years ago, Pentre is now one of Europe's largest suppliers of reel and drum products with factories covering two sites in the North West of England and one North East of Prague in the Czech Republic.


Founded 35 years ago, Pentre is now one of Europe's largest suppliers of reel and drum products. © Penre Group


Reel and drum products. © Pentre Group


Pentre has a reputation for timely deliveries, product improvement and cost effective solutions. The UK based company recognises the commercial pressures faced by business today and positions itself as a dependable business partner with their focus always on their customers’ immediate needs. For over four years Pentre has pursued a policy of continued investment in modern machinery and product design to help improve carbon footprint by developing for example drums using less steel. In the last three years the company established a technical centre in the UK with professional engineers using structural design software. Increased spend on SAP systems and CRM enables them to measure all key aspects of the business. This year Pentre will focus on developing the IT systems to further improve efficiencies. The commitment to efficiency is also reflected in their in-house approach to the entire manufacturing process and this is evidenced by an investment in four CNC machining centres.

Pentre is all aware of the impact recent global crises have had on the shortage of raw materials which has led them to invest in increased storage. The strong relationships with suppliers has meant they have maintained service levels throughout. Suppliers are key to their success and the company will continue to monitor issues allowing to react accordingly to support the supply chain. Through industry experienced representatives and their proven reputation they sell to 33 countries.

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