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Wire straightening tools are necessary across a wide array of manufacturing industries. They are a necessary component of the manufacturing process because no one wants crooked paper clips, staples, or nails. Many of its innovations are available in the new 2019 catalogue. The company beliefs that “simple ideas make better solutions” has been at the core of its innovative product designs since its inception. One of Sjogren’s simple, yet revolutionary innovations is in the grooved roll market with its unique alignment marker that delivers unmatched precision, reduced wear, and downtime.

 The Sjogren alignment marker accounts for variations in bearing width and makes it easy for the operator to identify the correct way to mount replacement rollers to maintain tolerances. Controlling the centerline guarantees the wire doesn’t scratch or bend. Would you benefit from quicker, more precise set up time and reduced downtime when maintaining your drawing machines? The catalogue outlines the new “SH” and “V” Series pullers, the new “Swivel” and “RC” hooks, and improved machinery from the motorised “Die Stringer”, to “Die Room Pullers” and the “Hand Pointer” that provides a simple solution to the wire pointing process. The catalogue also provides information in the company’s all-new line of testing and handling equipment from the “Bench Top Wrap Tester” designed to test spring wire for ductility, or to test the adhesion of metallic coatings, to the “Torsion Twist Tester” which identifies brittleness, inclusions, hidden seams, and other flaws.

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