Spark testing solutions for tomorrow

Swiss measuring technology company Zumbach introduces a new generation of main and low frequency AC spark testers to complete their family of fully integrated solutions. The devices are designed for a wide range of standards, inclusively IEC 62230, UL 1581 and L 2556.


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The “AST L” series extends the application spectrum of Zumbach’s spark tester product range. The devices meet all requirements to ensure never losing sight of quality standards during extruding or rewinding processes. The high voltage spark testers instantly and reliably detect defects and faults on the sheathing and insulation of electrical cables on extrusion and rewinding lines. By installing them into production processes ensures that defective products with bare patches, hairline cracks or pinholes have no chance to slip into circulation. As soon as a fault is detected, the system triggers an alarm and every fault is logged.

 AST L spark testers work standalone or can be part of a computer-controlled line, receiving and responding to commands through varying communication interfaces, including; serial RS, Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, Profinet I/O and potential free input and outputs. An optional, universal control and display unit allows localised control functionality or simply display. To provide the best user-friendliness, this unit can be pivoted in either a horizontal or vertical direction and it can be mounted at various different positions around the electrode unit, alternatively it can be mounted remotely at up to 25m cable distance away. Once the fault is outside the electrode, the spark tester continues operations after a brief recovery time and resets the test voltage to the default set-point value.

 Zumbach’s full spark tester product range covers test voltages of up to 40kV for products with diameters of up to 250mm. The devces are proven performers, and they are designed to effectively detect cable faults with the highest accuracy. Industry applications include power cable, building wire, specialty cables, communication cable (i.e., coaxial, CATV, etc.) and more. Low frequency, High frequency as well as DC models complete the product range of the Swiss enterprise.

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