28/05/2021 – wire Russia 2021

Smart Monitoring brings a new and intuitive approach

Under its “House of Experts” theme, Maillefer showcases the latest innovations and know-how for wire and cable manufacturing. Production technology, piloting and optimisation are combined at the “wire Russia” booth 03/D12 in Moscow from June 8 to 10, 2021.


Smart Monitoring brings a new and intuitive approach into the wire and cable manufacturing world. © Maillefer


Smart Monitoring brings a new and intuitive approach into the wire and cable manufacturing world. Maillefer offers packages to get you connected from the ground up into an Industry 4.0 environment. The system goes beyond usual line sensors to include vital readings coming from other sources like vibration, temperature, and power consumption gauges, plus more. Analysis, reporting, quick decision making, and dashboarding are at your fingertips. Smart Monitoring offers the tools to maximise line output while minimising scrap and material usage.

Increased intelligence is also found in fibre optic cable manufacturing thanks to Smart Buffering. With the help of data collected in real-time, predefined models, and self-learning artificial intelligence, Smart Buffering truly assists operators in optimising production at high speeds and avoiding any quality deviations over time.

Maillefer proposes its own longitudinal taping technology for metallic tapes such as aluminium. It is an ideal way to excel in cable quality and to boost sheathing productivity. The technology provides water blocking and mechanical protection for a variety of cable constructions, including high-voltage, fibre optic, and more. This tape applicator is ready for integration into existing lines or as a key element in complete sheathing lines.

Processing ability for PP in power cables systems is part of the program. Multipurpose medium-voltage lines are designed with the capability of extruding both PP and XLPE materials. Optimised screw designs and hybrid heating solutions for crossheads allow effortless switching to PP and back to XLPE. In the area of HFFR, the tougher standards are pushing up demand for fire and smoke safe cables. Maillefer offers HFFR where extrusion and crosshead configurations are designed to specifically process the highly filled polymers.

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