18/07/2023 – Diameter gauge heads of the “Laser Series 2000/6000”

Slim design with swivel concept

The “Laser Series 2000/6000” includes various laser-based gauge heads that continuously measure contactless diameter and ovality of cables during extrusion.


The swiveling measuring head concept of the “Laser Series 2000/6000”. © Sikora


The advantages of the devices are their unparalleled precision, high availability and production-proven design. The compact and slim measuring heads of the “Laser Series 2000/6000” prove themselves with their design. The optical components are located in protected areas so that process-related dust and dirt particles do not affect the measurement. In addition, the diffraction analysis, in which the diameter is determined from the diffraction fringe, detects unavoidable, gradually emerging contamination and reports it long before the measured values are affected by it.

The smaller gauge heads of the “Laser Series 2000” are equipped with a proven multi-slot protection. The larger gauge heads, which cover a product diameter from 30mm (1.2”), as well as all 3-axis gauge heads are designed open at the bottom so that neither water nor dirt can enter the gauge head.

A special feature is the swiveling measuring head concept, which allows the measuring head to be easily moved out of the working area. The measuring heads are free of wear parts, retain their precision throughout the entire operating life and require no calibration or maintenance.

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