Sjogren to showcase its product line at “Interwire”

A manufacturing innovator since 1927, US-American Sjogren Industries provides quality machinery, tooling, and accessories for the wire and cable industry. The company introduces enhancements in wire straightening assemblies and components that deliver increased productivity.


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Many of these enhancements are highlighted in Sjogren’s 60-page, full-colour catalogue which is available online. It outlines the new “SH”and “V” series thumb release pullers, the new swivel multi side hook and “RC” side hooks, and improved machinery from the motorised die stringer, to die room pullers and the hand pointer that provides a simple solution to the wire pointing process. The catalogue also provides information in the company’s all-new line of Testing and Handling equipment from the bench top wrap tester designed to test spring wire for ductility, or to test the adhesion of metallic coatings, to the torsion twist tester which identifies brittleness, inclusions, hidden seams, and other flaws.

Sjogren Industries, Inc.

 Interwire 2019, booth 751

 Tel.: +1 508 9873206


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