26/02/2021 – Material analysis of cable insulation and sheathing

Setic “MPE 120” high precision slicing/fending-off machine

Setic's "MPE 120" high precision cutting/bending machine is specially designed for cutting and scraping insulated and sheathed material in preparation of smooth test specimens to test materials such as polyethylene, PVC, rubber, halogen-free materials or synthetic elastomers for consistent and true mechanical properties (tensile strength test).


Setic “MPE 120” high precision slicing/fending-off machine for the preparation of smooth test pieces is specially designed to cut and shave off insulated and sheathed material. © Setic


The strip to be shaved is placed between two feeding rollers which push the product against a blade with surgery quality. The blading thickness is adjusted through a precision screw allowing to obtain a final strip from 0.6mm to 2.0mm (24mills to 80mills) thickness with perfect parallel and smooth (marks free) faces. Precision is better than 0.05mm (2mills).

This process enables money saving thanks to very accurate and repeatable measurement fully conformed to international standard IEC 811-1-1. Compared to grinded samples – involving micro irregularities – productivity is much higher as several preparation steps to get a precise cable section are suppressed and because cables are not rejected on basis of insufficient tensile strength. As a direct consequence, the characteristics of the material can be reduced, allowing the use of cheaper compounds.

Efficiency has been proven in laboratories of major cable manufacturers: tensile strength measure increases up to 20% for PVC and up to 40% for halogen free.

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