27/04/2022 – Serve the wire and cable industry in US market

Rotating machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cable

Looking for technologically advanced rotating machines and services? During the “Wire Expo” to be held on June 7-8, 2022 in Dallas, on booth 511 Setic, Pourtier, and their Service Department C2S together with Bow Technology will welcome interested visitors.


Setic’s high speed single twist machine with rotating capstan. © Setic


Since now 30 years, Setic and Pourtier and their US branch Gauder Group Inc. have been building knowledge, experience and ability to serve the wire and cable industry on the US Market. Setic and Pourtier design and manufacture rotating machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cable.Setic produces special data communication and LAN cables machinery for automation, AI, robotics and data analytics sectors and is a major actor in the automotive wire equipment branch. Pourtier manufactures heavy-duty rotating machines to produce all types of power cables: overhead, submarine and low, medium, high voltage and extra-high voltage. To achieve a higher level of performance and extended lifetime of the machines, a comprehensive range of services is also available. Their C2S Customer Services department is the ideal partner for spare parts, machines upgrade and consulting possibilities. Bow Technology manufactures high graded carbon bows for all sizes and brands of double twist equipment.

Setic s.a.s
Wire Expo 2022, booth 511
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