21/09/2022 – Cable manufacturing

Rotating equipment for the cable industry

Flymca is a world renowned engineering and manufacturing company of rotating equipment for the cable industry. Through the past and present year, it continues to focus on large stranding, cabling and armoring machinery.


Flymca is a world renowned engineering and manufacturing company of rotating equipment for the cable industry. © Flymca


Many of the developments in the recent years have been incorporated into machinery like tubular stranders and bow cablers. These improvements have reduced stopping and change-over time as well as reducing operator intervention to improve safety. These improvements include, accumulators to allow for continuous operation, automatic loading and unloading systems to load and unload multiple reels simultaneously, automatic cutting and taping of cable ends with automatic change-over from one take-up to another.

The recent months have seen high demand for large stranding and armoring machinery to produce submarine cables.

Armoring is being achieved in two different configurations:
– Large tubular stranders with bullhead configuration, mainly used for fiber optic submarine cables.
– Planetary armoring lines for heavy power transmission cables. These are produced on large and heavy machines for a high number of wires (144 wires); they are applied by a single or dual cage in tandem operation. These machines also include automated loading systems to reduce the change-over time.

In addition to the increased demand for submarine cables, there has also been a demand for large cross section cables (127 wires) produced on rigid stranders. These stranders have included automatic loading systems, shaped wire stranding heads, heavy compaction systems, water-blocking application systems for yarn and powder. All these features also needed to include machines that provide consistent and smooth tension across all wires.

Flymca designs and manufactures the machinery in Spain. Flyro is the company involved in second-hand equipment for the cable market with a large inventory and good knowledge of the market that allow us to join the interest of customers around the world.

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