Rolling machine for small threads and profiles

Ingramatic – developer and manufacturer of profile and thread rolling machines for Italian Sacma Group – has launched the new rolling profiles and threads machine “RP020”. With the rolling die size W00/W000 it’s recommend for the production of miniature screws.


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The machine has a linear torque motor driven system for precise positioning of the miniature blanks in the dies. It is equipped with a carriage body which is linearly mounted on sliding bearings to make sure the accuracy of the rolling process. The power is transmitted through a double helical tooth belt that drives the main engine with an absolute master encoder that connects. This drive type favours high torque elements and accuracy.

Further, the system is equipped with the same gradual functions of “I-thread” machines like the self-learning settings of the pusher unit. The pusher stroke can be adjusted from the operator panel or through the electronic hand wheel, so that the servants don’t have to do more and get the necessary speed and accuracy of the dimensional change are ensured. Around to guarantee durability and precision, the framework from a pearlit ductile iron alloy. The “SC-Matic” interface manages the motor settings.

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