04/07/2024 – 0.5 micron gas filter

Protection against the finest dirt

The Gasfilter 77 from Witt is now also available with a filter fineness of approx. 0.5µm. This enables even the finest impurities to be filtered out of gases – for better process performance, to protect downstream equipment and to reduce maintenance costs and expensive downtime.


The model 77 is suitable for numerous technical gases and thus a wide range of applications. © Witt


Even with the highest gas purities, there is always the possibility of mechanical impurities and condensate in the gas line. Even the smallest particles can negatively affect the performance of the application/process or damage equipment, e.g. in fibre laser cutting. The gas filter 77 cleans the gas reliably and ensures the optimal function of sensitive processes. Likewise, maintenance intervals and generally the service life of the equipment can be extended, which reduces operating costs.

The model 77 is suitable for numerous technical gases and thus a wide range of applications, both for in-line installation and for integration into larger systems. The filter element is stainless steel. Depending on the application, filter elements with approx. 10µm or 40µm fineness are available in addition to the 0.5µm version, allowing higher flow rates.

Alternatively, Witt also offers the model 77 with filter elements made of bronze, filter fineness approx. 5µm or 50µm. These are designed and cleaned for oxygen in accordance with EIGA, AIGA and CGA requirements.

As you’d expect from Witt, the gas filter 77 is easy to install and maintain. The large selection of available connections simplifies the installation. Thanks to its ingenious design, the filter cartridges can be changed quickly and easily inline. This saves time and money. Condensates can be removed easily via a drain.

This high-quality device with its brass housing is 210mm high with a diameter of 80 mm and weighs approx. 2.8kg to 3kg, depending on the filter element. Depending on the type of gas, a maximum inlet pressure of up to 50bar is possible. The permitted temperature range is -40°C to +60°C with a stainless steel filter element or -30°C to +60°C with a bronze filter element.

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