20/06/2022 – Quality management

Program to find the biggest over dimensional cost in cables: material

KSM will be at “wire” together with Clinton. How can accurate off-line measuring data from a KSM help the extruder line operator to save material?


The program display automatically the trend curve in the same manner as in “KSM LDB”. © ACM


In the cable Industry, everyone knows that the dominating cost is material. The best person to save material is the operator running the extruder line. It is well known that the off-line measuring system “KSM” is the most accurate and easy unit to measure with. Also presenting Trend curves and over dimensional costs.

 With the new program module “KSM Line” the last measured product trend curve with OD cost is continuously updated and presented by the extruder line. This program module is installed at an Windows PC by extruder line. The latest “KSM LDB” trend curve with over dimensional cost from the last “KSM LDB” measurements will be displayed and updated automatically. When a new data file is saved the program will check if it is for the line the program is installed at and if so, display automatically the trend curve in the same manner as in “KSM LDB”. It is the operator that can reduce the dominating cost in Cables – material. With support of an experienced process person knowing the reality out in the factory out there to support.

The company ACM has several years ago been split in two; ACM AB with agencies for the Nordic market now owned by Niklas Nordquist. ACMMT AB (ACM Measuring Technology AB) making the number one off line measuring unit for cables, KSM owned by Stefan Askenfors, the founder of ACM AB.

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