Precision measurement in the cable industry

Burster cable measurement GmbH, the German cable measurement expert company, offers an extensive range of innovative systems for all the requirements in the cable industry.


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Cable measurement with burster delivers precise comparative values to control raw material consumption, to meet customer requirements and as reliable parameters for effective production planning. Burster systems are designed to cover the special requirements of aluminium. However copper cables can also be measured precisely, versatility that pays off. The rapid formation of an oxide film and impurities between the wire strands of aluminium cables are the reason why standard clamping systems simply can’t generate enough force to overcome the barriers and meet the requirements: As a result the measurement is less precise and non-reproducible. The challenge to measure aluminium cables up to 2,500mm² is solved with the new maintenance-free clamping technology 2383 which is designed to measure the resistance of aluminium and copper cables for precisely reproducible results. A short cable sample is enough.

The new inline measurement equipment with a patented revolutionary technology facilitates cable resistance measurements directly in the stranding machine without any need for ground insulation of the line. Test samples to be scrapped after the effected measurements are not necessary.

By applying high forces Burster’s new clamping technology overpowers whatever thick oxide film. Thus the uniform power supply is ensured. Due to an exact dosing of the applied torque, reproducible reference values for resistance are achieved. Expedient and comparable control parameters for production planning are obtained, aimed at optimizing material deployment and cost cutting. Furthermore Burster resistance measurement ensures documented proof that the aluminium or copper wire batch complies with customer requirements. The entire measurement system can be easily, quickly and reliably verified by the use of a Copper or Manganin calibration rod which comes with a DAkkS Calibration Certificate. Burster power cable measurement is precision to the core.

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