Portable wire rod straighteners

Hand held rod straighteners are ideal to put straight the leading end of coiled stock for easy insertion into a cold heading or a wire drawing machine ensuring the success of your wire handling and other wire and rod processing applications.


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Tramev rod straightener models available fixed tooling heads, motor body with interchangeable straightening head and a straightening head with hydraulic power pack. The units are available in 110V or 230V, with other electrical options available upon request. They are typically lightweight, but can be suspended with a counterbalance over the work area or the coiled material. All models are provided with adjustable piston stroke to accommodate different material dimensions. “TR” straightening heads with “VDS700” power pack – suitable for 8mm to 20mm and 20mm to 32mm rod diameters – are light and heavy-duty tooling heads available ranging from 6kg to 16kg in weight. The heads are fitted with standard 3m hydraulic hoses.

The “TR40” interchangeable straightening head is suitable up to 30mm material diameter – 25 ton and 570bar hydraulic power – tool body 11.5kg/straightening head 4.5kg (total 16kg). The cordless “TRB” rod straightener delivers 4 ton/200bar hydraulic power and is suitable for 8mm to 20mm diameter material. The PR16-32 bending/straightening tool (combo de-sign) is designed for conveniently bending and straightening of steel rod materials from 16mm to 32mm diameter. The unit is provided with a set of pillar rollers for these material diameters: 16mm to 20mm, 22mm to 26mm and 28mm to 32mm. The unit features a 180-degree-rotating head.

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