Pins and punches for the fastener industry within 25 years

Founded in 1994 by Holger Teudeloff, the former trading company developed from a fixed size in the German market to a global player in recess pins and punches for the fastener industry. In 2019 they celebrate their 25th anniversary with their customers, who are spread all over the world in more than 30 countries, mostly in Europe, the USA and Far East.


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The key competences of Teudeloff and their production at Tooling International Limited (TIL) clearly lie in recess tooling like punches and pins for fasteners in cold forming: All geometries, Torx, Torx plus, Six lobe, Pozi, Phillips, Hexagonal, 12-Multipoint, Bihexagonal, special as standard or to drawing.

According to their motto “nothing is impossible” Teudeloff defines individual requirements together with its customers. TIL’s development department solves these tasks. The aim is basically to design innovations in such way that the customer is fully satisfied. Thus, Teudeloff and TIL have succeeded in developing tools that allow 20 times longer service life than comparable competitive products. The internal quality management ensures after each production step that the highest precision in terms of geometries and tolerances is maintained. A coordinated warehouse and delivery system ensures a supply of tools at all times. These services have been valued by customers over 25 years and make Teudeloff one of the main suppliers in the automotive and aerospace industries and supplies almost all tools for screw production. Teudeloff has the biggest “Torx” stock in Europe, presumably even in the world. Almost all sizes and penetration depths in various materials and coatings are available and in stock. Among them also their top quality “Code T”.

The goal of Teudeloff for the next upcoming years is to become a world leader for recess pins and punches for the fastener industry. Development and the optimization of tool life, costs and productivity in production, guaranteed tool supply, quick and reliable delivery time, storage and delivery concepts, “OpTtool” are further competences.


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