PWM to present “ST40” cold welder for strip

The cold welder is designed specifically for strip. It’ll be on show at “Interwire”, as well as a range of portable and manual cold welders. They will be exhibited by Joe Snee Associates, exclusive distributor of PWM cold welding equipment, spares and dies in the United States and Canada.




Depending in the material, the air/hydraulic-powered cold welder “ST40” can join strip as thin as 0.2mm (0.00787"), and as wide as 45mm (1.772"). Like all PWM machines, the ST40 produces welds that are consistent, reliable and stronger than the parent material. No set up is necessary and the machine is simple to operate and maintain. The british company’s electro/pneumatic “EP500” cold welder provides a cost-effective method of welding large non-ferrous rod sections. The machine is designed for 5mm to 12.50mm (.197" to .492") copper rod and 5mm to 15mm (.590") aluminium, and is quiet, clean and energy efficient. Other old welders on show include the air/hydraulic “HP100” machine, for effortless welding of wire 1mm to 5mm (.039" to .197"), and the manually operated “M101” for copper wire 1mm to 3.60mm (.040" to .141") and aluminium 1mm to 5mm (.197"). The M101 can be used on a workbench or supplied with a cart. Ideal for joining fine wire in confined spaces, the small “M10” and “M25” hand-held machines are suitable for wire 0.10mm to 1.20mm (.0039" to .047"). The “BM10” and “BM30” models, for similar wire sizes, can be used on a workbench or with a cart. PWM dies, standard or custom made to suit round or profile wire and rod, are designed and made in the company’s own UK workshops.

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