01/06/2022 – Foamed as well as solid and jacketing cables

One extrusion line – all possibilities

Kurre Systems has developed a completely new combined extrusion line for a wide range of cables. Foamed as well as solid and jacketing cables can be produced on one single line.


Just one line capable of producing foamed products, solid and sheathed cables. © Kurre


For the different processes, the extrusion system is equipped with in total of four extruders, that can be pushed into the line when required. This gives the highest possible flexibility with absolute space saving. Installed components, such as calibrating and cleaning equipment, straightening and preheating devices or capstans, allow the necessary system configuration in each case. All components are integrated into the control system and can be selected and set up via an intuitive user interface.

 The total line includes, among other things, a cooling trough that can be extended over 2.5m in a self-supporting manner, with an electric motor-driven capacity control.

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