31/03/2024 – Cable manufacture / handling

New multi-package machine

Reelex Packaging Solutions, Inc. will be debuting the new “S320e” multi-product combination spooler.


“S320e“ rewinder. © Reelex


Reelex air package. © Reelex


Reelex will demonstrate the new “S320e” rewinder featuring the capability to wind spools, Reelex coils and other linear winding patterns on one safe, easy-to-use machine. The S320e represents the latest in their new equipment and coiling technologies and allows the user to make reels, spools, Reelex or linear coils all on one machine via a programmable variable traverse. Bolt-on custom shafts accommodate a variety of spool sizes, and quick-change mandrels allow a wide variety of cable sizes to be wound in Reelex. Featuring an ISO standard safety design, physical safety cage, interlocks, safety PLC and Category 4 devices, the “S320e” can be used safely by experienced and novice operators alike in distribution or manufacturing operations.

Whether used as an entry-level machine or a multipurpose winder, the “S320e” offers exceptional capabilities to manufacturers and distributors big and small. The “S320e” is affordably priced at less than US$100,000, with leasing options available.

Reelex will also exhibit physical examples of a variety of reel-less packaging technology available to cable manufacturers, including the “Reelex Air” package offering a slimmer profile, greater payout performance, a more environmentally-friendly waste profile and lower material costs than current Reelex and other packaging options. “Reelex Air” enables cable producers to put more product on a pallet while reducing waste and eliminating bulky and costly spools and reels.

Reelex is a patented method of winding any flexible filamentary material into a precision-wound figure-eight coil. This unique coil dispenses from the inside-out without twists, tangles, snags or overruns and may be placed into a wide range of containers from cardboard boxes to shrink film to environmentally-sustainable packaging.

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About Reelex
Reelex Packaging Solutions (formerly Windings, Inc.) is a small, privately-held company located about 90 minutes north of New York City in Patterson, NY. Since 1976, the unique Reelex figure-eight coiling method has provided manufacturers with a tangle and twist-free packaging alternative to reels, spools and standard coiling methods and has become widely accepted as the standard package for “last-mile” lengths of low-voltage cabling. Reelex Packaging Solutions develops and supports the Reelex system by designing and manufacturing coiling and packaging equipment, ancillary equipment such as dancers, accumulators and payoffs, developing new packaging innovations and providing service and support around the world.