14/10/2021 – Wire stranding

New model of rigid strander

Flymca is proud to announce a new model of a machine for rigid stranding, focused on overhead, underground and subsea cables for low, medium and high voltage cables.


This type of machine is used in different processes like stranding, armouring and screening. © Flymca


This type of machine is used in different processes like stranding, armouring and screening. The machine is a new step forward, incorporating some advanced technical improvements which allow to obtain a higher conductor quality level as well as a higher production capacity.

 The main target outcomes are the following:
– Reduced contacts of the wires with the machine body, which reduces friction and prevents voltage fluctuations of the wires.
– Braking systems on the bobbins allow to get a constant tension from full to empty bobbin and also between the different wires of each stranding cage. Minimum values have been reached allowing the use of smaller wire diameters.
– Optimised stranding cages structure allowing to increase maximum rotating speeds and maximise production capacity.
– Improved automatic bobbins’ loading systems thus giving a higher efficiency, getting a lower machine stopping time.
– Reliable Wifi electronic control avoiding brushes and corresponding possible failures.
– Use of specific electronic elements that make it possible to know in real time/continuously the production status as well as the progression in order to easily repeat similar subsequent productions.. Likewise, the line sensitive items status can be monitored preventively.

 Thanks to these improvements, among other things, the range of copper and aluminium wires to be machined is wider, so that higher end conductor cross-sections can be achieved in a single pass, up to 127 wires.

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