31/05/2021 – wire Russia 2021

New machines, services and bows

Setic and Pourtier specialised in designing and manufacturing high speed rotating machines for the cable industry will present during “wire Russia” 2021 a comprehensive portfolio of brands running in synergy to meet the wire and cable industry needs.


High speed Dual single twist lines with one single twist used as pay-off and one as take-up for different sizes of bobbins . © Setic


Setic provides high-speed double twist bunchers/stranders for the automotive industry and power cable as well as complete solutions to produce high quality LAN, special and control cables with enhanced performances (in one step or two steps according to product mix) ; Setic is continuously developing new lines and new concepts for non-ferrous cables in order to meet the Customers’ needs such as special high speed lines for battery cable, new high speed lines for special and instrumentation cables…

Setic and Pourtier provide High speed Dual single twist lines with one single twist used as pay-off and one as take-up for different size of bobbins such as 1,000mm, 1,250mm, 1,600mm) (see picture) which are offering 3 solutions in one line. Full backtwist laying up-line, and 2 separate laying-up lines (possibility to make cable in Multi-passes using a central backtwist pay-off). “This solution offers to our customers the best product quality, a Versatile production line and a Cost-effective solution for all their Instrumentation, Control, Railway, data, Special and Battery cables”.

Pourtier is a master buy with its heavy-duty stranders, cablers and armouring lines for ferrous and non-ferrous cables and has made impressive achievement in the field of submarine and umbilical cables offering a complete range of stranding / paper lapping / cabling and armouring machines. Its high efficiency revolutionary multiwire concentric stranding line is also widely used for low and medium power cable production. All these machines are made with the highest standards in design and manufacturing for the production of all types of High Voltage and Extra-high Voltage Power Cable : from overhead cable (including ACCC, ACSS-TW and ACSR-TW) to insulated cable AC type (using high quality Milliken conductor) or DC type (using large round compacted conductor or trapezoidal wires).

Rich in many years of successful experience, the C2S Services Department acts as an overall efficiency booster to maintain the productivity and product quality of wire and cable production lines, regardless of the brand of equipment. C2S is used with spare parts, modernisation and maintenance projects as well as with the transfer and recommissioning of complete lines.

Setic has a Bow Technology distribution division that offers custom bows for ALL sizes and ALL brands of double twist equipment.

The Bow Technology is the answer to cable makers concerned by quality and long-life reliable bows for all brands of double twist machines from 560 to 2500 mm. With a comprehensive range of 600+ all sizes designs including the new generation multi-use “GreenBow2+” the division offers a global service from conception to production. The team is ready to discuss any model matching the customer production needs.

Russian Sales representative: Cabmash-Metiz Ltd, M. Igor Barinov, barinov@cabmetiz.ru.

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