25/04/2023 – Auxiliary materials / Lubricants

New line of borax, nitrate and sulfur free lubricants

Visit Traxit during “Interwire” exhibition to learn how they can improve customers’ energy efficiency and support dust reduction.


“Traxit V5” in use. © Traxit


Since 2020 Traxit has been a subsidiary of Klüber Lubrication, a leading manufacturer of specialty lubricants and a company of the Freudenberg Group. The company is also launching a new range of borax-, nitrate- and sulphur-free lubricants to complement its already extensive range of dry lubricants. Dry lubricants from Traxit offer the advantage of a very large softening range, achieving high adhesion even at low temperatures. This characteristic also results in less dust in the drawing process. Thanks to good cleanability, companies in the wire drawing industry benefit from savings and reduced effort in terms of cleaning agents and energy required for removing any residues from finished products.

Traxit North America, LLC is a part of Germany's Klüber Lubrication GmbH, and has been a lubricant supplier since 1881 for the wire drawing industry. Traxit utilizes the latest technology to meet the highest demands in the wire drawing industry. This year, Traxit is introducing the new line of nitrate/nitrite free lubricants for the wire drawing industry.

Interwire 2023 , booth 455

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