27/06/2023 – Handling

New hydraulic depth stop from Uniflex

Bowden cable, shift cable, cable and industrial hose compression require high demands on the inner diameter of fittings.


The hydraulic depth stop fulfils a number of functions. This allows parts to be positioned or moved under load. © Uniflex


It can also be used as: mold core solver, positioning aid, as well as a universal holder of your individual tool. © Uniflex


If the shape and dimension of the inside, as well as an edgeless passage are important for application, then the new hydraulic depth stop from Uniflex is of interest to customers. A shaping core supports the end piece falling during pressing to guarantee shape and size. The new hydraulic depth stop from Uniflex brings individual mould core into position and then releases it by forcefully pulling it out of the workpiece.

In most cases, the outside of the fittings is decisive for the force input and the press dimension control. But press nipples taper uncontrollably on the inside. The inner surface is disturbed by thrown material, which can result in an oval or wavy shape. In most cases, this is not a problem. However, if the shape and dimensions of the inside are important for your application, then the new hydraulic depth stop from Uniflex is of interest to you.

A core chosen by customers gives the component the necessary support to ensure shape, dimension and surface in consistent quality. Their hydraulic depth stop picks up individual mold core, positions it and pulls it out powerfully after pressing.

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Uniflex Hydraulik GmbH, based in Karben near Frankfurt, develops, produces and has been selling systems for the manufacture and processing of hose assemblies for 50 years now. The company with its subsidiaries and subsidiaries in America and Asia supplies the entire world market. Over 85% of Uniflex products are exported, including to market leaders such as Caterpillar, Danfoss, Gates, Hansa Flex and Parker. The hydraulic presses are characterised by the unique plain bearing technology: In contrast to lubricated presses, Uniflex presses work almost without friction losses. This reduces maintenance to a minimum, because pressing without lubrication” is cleaner and less labor-intensive. In addition, machines from Uniflex are known for the best possible work results, reliable return on investment and maximum ergonomics. A comprehensive range of accessories makes working with the various devices even easier. Uniflex grants a two-year warranty on all machines.