15/10/2020 – wire 2020 update

New generation in thermoplastic and rubber/silicone cable extrusion

Cerrini srl are not participating to “wire” 2020.


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Visitors will have the opportunity to see first-hand a thermoplastic extruder “120/25D” and a new generation of rubber/silicone extruder “120/15D” for high speed extrusion lines. Cerrini will discuss in particular the benefits of their infrared vulcanization system for the production of silicone cables. All machines are entirely produced and assembled inside their company facilities in Italy.

Cerrini manufactures silicone rubber extruders since 1967. Today a complete range of new special silicone/rubber extruders from 45mm up to 160mm are available. The latest generation of water thermoregulation systems guarantees an exceptional compound cooling and an exactly controlled extrusion temperature. The perfectly matched anti-wear materials for barrel and screw allow their maximum duration over time, even with highly loaded compounds. The extruder TG.120/15D is the right choice in particular for high speed silicone cable lines, where the infrared vulcanization system guarantees high process repeatability and stable cable characteristics. The rubber/silicone extruder will be presented in a new design.

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