26/11/2021 – Simplify cable installation

“Mobiway Un’Reel”

Nexans has unveiled its “Mobiway Un’Reel” solution, which is set to make cable installation simpler, smarter, more cost-effective and secure across a range of different low and medium voltage cables.


“Mobiway Un’Reel” enables customers to unload cable directly from drums. © Nexans


Will help to reduce waste and pollution since the drum is returnable. © Nexans


Nexans has reinforced its position as a world-leader in cable solutions after revealing its new installation solution to simplify, secure and make cable installation smarter. This solution, the latest addition to the “Mobiway” range, brings a new set of benefits to cable installers around the world and will simplify the installation process, using smarter cabling to make the process easier, quicker, safer, and cost-efficient.

 Mobiway Un’Reel enhances the Nexans Mobiway product range, using a patented set of drums with an associated unwinding system. Cable drums are often unwieldy, due to their size and weight; but this solution makes them easy to be handled by operators. This means just one person can complete the installation process safely and efficiently, whether in a small space or warehouse.

 The new system also saves time and money for customers by reducing installation costs and removing the need to purchase additional tools to unwind the cable, thanks to its integrated locking system. Mobiway Un’Reel enables customers to unload cable directly from drums with improved safety on site as it eliminates need for handling and heavy lifting, thus reducing the risk of injury. Since the drum is returnable and has a longer life span than conventional drums, due to less rudimentary unwinding processes, Mobiway Un’Reel will help to reduce waste and pollution. Mobiway Un’reel is currently being rolled out in various countries and is set to be introduced worldwide by the end of 2021.

 Jérôme Fournier, Corporate Vice President, Director of Innovation, Services+Growth said: “The energy transition is driving huge global demand for electricity, so all parts of the electrification value chain need to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. The installation of cables is a crucial part of electrification around the world, yet many traditional methods for unwinding cables can be cumbersome at best, and dangerous at worst.”

 “Nexans is one of the world’s leading cable manufacturers and installers, and we have a proud record of innovations which improve the operational efficiency of the cable-laying sector. Our Mobiway Un’Reel solution is just our latest solution to make cable installation more secure, more convenient, more sustainable, and, in doing so, saving our customers valuable time and money.”

 Nexans is at the forefront of cabling solutions for a range of applications, such as offshore wind-power, and covers the full electrification value chain. It continues to invest in R&D and offers new products and solutions to help their customers through sustainable electrification.

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About Nexans
For over a century, Nexans has played a crucial role in the electrification of the planet and is committed to electrify the future. With around 25 000 people in 38 countries, the Group is leading the charge to the new world of electrification: safe, sustainable, renewable, decarbonized and accessible to everyone. In 2020, Nexans generated 5.7 billion euros in standard sales. The Group is a leader in the design and manufacturing of cable systems and services across four main business areas: Building & Territories, High Voltage & Projects, Industry & Solutions and Telecom & Data. Nexans is the first company of its industry to create a Foundation supporting sustainable initiatives bringing access to energy to disadvantaged communities worldwide. The Group pledged to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030.

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