Measurement of coaxial cables

Aesa Cortaillod, a Swiss metrology company that manufactures “Automatic Test Equipment” (ATEs) for the full electrical characterisation of cables and wires, has developed a disruptive solution to connect any size of coaxial cables in a fast and convenient way.


Preparation of coaxial cable for universal adapter integrated “Scorpius DT” unit for coaxial cable measurement. © Aesa Cortaillod


Combining this new patented “Coaxial Universal Connector” with a measuring instrument, such as the Aesa “Scorpius DT” device, enhances the customers’ experience to new levels in their measurement of high frequency parameters of coaxial cables with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability.

The “Scorpius DT” instrument is a complete and integrated solution to characterize both 50Ohm and 75Ohm coaxial cables. It includes an embedded VNA (Vector Network Analyser), standard Microsoft Windows computer, and specially designed user-friendly software. The newly released Coaxial Universal Connector mounted on their traditional N-type (N50 and N75/F75) interfaces, let the operator quickly connect the different products while ensuring perfect electrical contacts on both, the center conductor and the shield of the coaxial cable. The cable preparation is rendered easy and fast. Operators just have to strip the outer insulation layer on a sufficient length and choose the adequate provided chuck. Calibration artefacts are provided in order to ensure a correct calibration plan.

This complete novel solution allows performing all electrical tests on cables according to the ANSI/TIA-568.4-D for broadband coaxial cabling and component standard, as well as IEC 61196-x and EN 50117-x standards. The measured frequency range spans from 100 KHz up to 18GHz with frequency extension upon request.

Scorpius is also available in:
– A rack mountable version allowing customization of its components
– As an option for existing AESA automatic testing equipment (ATE) for LAN cables

Additionally, Aesa Cortaillod offers balun and balunless ATE solutions for testing LAN and/or other communication cables from low frequencies up to very high frequencies.

Besides frequency measurements, Aesa offers a full set of linear resistance measuring equipment going from very small to very large cross-sections, either to be used in the laboratory or directly on-the line in production. These products are key assets that permit cable manufacturers to optimize their production costs, reduce waste, accelerate profit generation, and operate sustainably for a healthy economic environment.

As the reference in cable metrology, Aesa Cortaillod’s suite of offerings includes data management systems, ISO17025 certification, testing laboratory services, transfer of knowledge and expertise in the cable industry for boosting customers’ production yield.

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