27/05/2022 – Carbide grades for cold and hot metal forming

Maximising tool life

On the occasion of “wire”, hard material specialist Ceratizit is presenting its new “CFG” series of tungsten carbide grades that have been specially developed for cold and hot metal forming processes.


“CFG-CTM30” shows a much lower corrosion depth after polarisation test in pH5. © Ceratizit


Corrosion depth of a conventional tungsten carbide grade after polarisation test in pH5. © Ceratizit


The three “CFG” grades feature outstanding resistance to corrosion, oxidation and adhesion. The new grades cover a wide range of mechanical properties and thus applications, from standard cold forming processes such as stamping to applications which involve high impact stress and thermal shock.

 Their optimised characteristics are the result of an innovative carburization process. In addition to hardness and toughness, their resistance to both corrosion and oxidation as well as adhesion is vital when it comes to the tool’s performance. Last but not least, an innovative binder composition – combined with excellent resistance to thermal shock – makes them usable for hot and cold forming applications.

 This combination of properties means that the new varieties do not simply work but score higher than conventional tungsten carbide grades in a core criterion for any metal forming tool: maximum tool life. ’Many CFG solutions have already proven to have a significantly longer service life compared to tools made from conventional tungsten carbide materials. Our experts are happy to discuss the right grade for your application at any time,’ said Romain Steckler and Antonello Valsecchi, Segment Account Managers for Metal Forming.

 In addition to the new CFG grades, the Ceratizit team will be exhibiting a wide range of products The exhibited portfolio includes solutions for bar peeling, the oil and gas industry, as well as wire and tube processing.

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