Industrial solution for butt-welding and projection welding

Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Annettoni S.P.A. (CEA) provides industrial solution for any necessity in butt-welding and projection welding. CEA has one of the most complete and professional product line in the market, but it is able to purchase customize solution for fitting also the most specific workflow and production necessity.




High quality resistance welding is keeping more and more relevance in workflow optimisation of wire manufacturer and user. CEA creates a complete product-line that will cover a very wide amount of necessity. CEA SpA is an Italian company with industrial welding manufacturing experience since 1950 and a rich variety of resistance welding equipment.

One of the most important fields is butt welding to provide every customers a smart and quick-use solution for very important business demand by workflow optimization. For this reason CEA guarantees to all its customers complete solutions with the highest quality. CEA will introduce all visitors to all its solutions for butt welders: N 3, N 9, N 12, N 20, N 22, SRT 11, SQ/A and SQ/AS.

The N 3, N 9, N 12, N 20 and N 22 butt welders – especially designed for wire drawing mills for joining steel, brass, aluminium and copper rods – are recommended for non-heavy duty applications. N 3, N 9 N 12 and N 22 models are standard supplied with the annealing function. Trolley for easy manoeuvrability is available on all the N series as default except N 22. In N 22, wheel trolley is available under request. Jaws opening and closing is by means of foot mechanical pedals in N 9, N 20 and by electrical pedals in SRT 11, SQ/A and SQ/AS, whilst manual levers in N 3, N 12 and N 22 operate it. Upon request, N 3, N 9, N 12 and N 22 can be supplied with a grinding wheel, whereas lighted magnifying glass is additionally available for N 3 only. For N 20 is available a schuko plug with RCD for connecting many items like an external grinding wheel.

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